City Chickens: this site will help you find out if backyard chickens are legal in your town.

Solar Chicken Coop design

coop designs and other how-to pages from Backyard Chickens

The Feather Site - for lists and photos of many chicken varieties

Economic analysis of a small egg farm

Nutritional analysis of free-range eggs from Mother Earth News

pretty good info on chicken feed, despite truck sales, plus great info on chickens eating grass

the story of how Madison, WI fought for their right to have backyard chickens--and won

Hybrid Vigor Institute

Center for Food Safety on cloned animals

Clone Wars piece on Center for Environmental Health site

Cloning newson Organic Consumers Association site

1/15/08 FDA News Release on the safety of food from clones and other documents

Bantam Cochin Neem's movie redits include Thai Chicken (scroll down the page for download) and Triple U by FTB Productions.

Sex reversal in chickens by J. Jacob and F.B. Mather and Case report of sex reversal in a chicken by C.H. Bigland and F.E. Graesser.

just one source for the Scarecrow motion-activated sprinkler

League of American Bicyclists Bike Month events

Carl Etnier's blog for his radio show Relocalizing Vermont and peak oil topics.

James Howard Kunstler's web page and podcast.

For chicks from local chickeners, check the message board at