Bucky Buckaw gives advice on raising backyard chickens, as just one example of how a locally based economies can work, with his Backyard Chicken Broadcast. He informs listeners about the downside of factory farming to human health and the fun upside of Backyard Chickening as a solution. He promotes organic gardening and composting, and supporting local farmers. He shares fascinating chicken lore from the millennia that will fascinate even those with no interest in birds.

Bucky will gladly answer questions from listeners on his radio show and podcast. Send your emails to bucky@buckybuckaw.org. Bucky would especially love it if you recorded yourself asking the question and sending him the mp3 file to play on the show. Go on, don't be shy; Bucky won't peck you!

Bucky also does chicken demonstrations and talks along with his flock of Seramas and chicken wrangling partner at community gardens, garden stores, backyard get-togethers and other special events. Let us know what you have in mind at bucky@buckybuckaw.org to work out a deal.

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Bucky Buckaw's youtube channel